Friday, April 29, 2011

...Everything happend for a reason...

It’s Friday, Friday...Gotta get down on Friday..Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend...Friday, Friday ♫♪♫♪♫♪  *k, I think I have to stop singing rebecca black song before people spank me..huhu

Anyway, Happy Friday everyone.. Doing something interesting today?? For me, the most interesting part for today is listening to all the rambling from the girls about themselves when they sees Kate is marrying Prince William..

"She is so beautiful that is why she get marry to a price. So, as for me, half beauty half comot, marry to driver je la" "ala..She had a big eyes, nice. I hate my sepet eyes" "wahh.. why she is so tall & slim but I'm short??" errk, are you siblings? if not, that's the reason. you did not share the same gen...grrr

Actually I have heard 101 complain but I simply select something I could remember only. plus the point is, they  keep on complaining and praise along the ceremony without getting tired...hebatkan?! Yes, women is a unique creature ^^

But as for today, I'm will not discuss about women because  I choose to highlight the COMPLAINING part.

and Yup, I do understand that everyone have something to complaint each day or each month or each year or at least once in their life..  However, there were things that should and should not be complaint by us because sometime it won't make things any better.

For example, me CONTINUOUSLY complaint about  my nose was not sharp enough nor small enough... Then, each day each minute  I keep on mentioning how I wish I had a sharp pointed nose..grrr..... Don't you think I'm annoying? ungrateful? Hidung tak mancung pipi tersorong-sorong???

k, If you are normal, you will feel what I feel and just leave it there because it's just better that way. Yet, there were some people who are abnormal! They take this complaint too serious until at one point they are willing to cut their faces into pieces and put it back on surgery! oh, I may describe horribly but, you know what I meant right.

People, do you think beauty are worth the pain?? Do others people's expectations are far more important than your body comfy?? Are you going to die when others didn't praise you?? I hope all your answers are No because God have made you naturally beautiful dear :)

so, let me share with you what I wrote on my FB yesterday about others creature that take themselves very well and understand why they are made that way  :)

: I'm not fat, I'm just not tall.
@ Aku tak gemuk, Aku tak tinggi je.

: I'm not necessarily waddle, but sometime its' just challenging to walk in this feet. 
@ Aku bukan sengaja nak jalan terkedek-kedek, cuma berjalan dengan kaki ini adalah sangat mencabar.

: If me and my sibling swim in the air, when I die, do you thing that we will float in the aerospace or fail from the sky like rain?
@ Kalaulah aku adik-beradik dilahirkan untuk berenang di udara, bila aku mati, aku akan terapung di angkasa atau akan jatuh bak hujan?

: I'm not a bad singer, we just love different genre of music
@ Suara aku bukan tak sedap, tapi genre music kita berbeza.

; If we are huge as cocroch, I don't think you will get back to your home after this. 
@ Kalau aku besar bak lipas, mesti korang tak nak balik rumah dah.
 : Do you think I'm look handsome in rectangle? 
@ kalau badan aku kotak-kotak hensem ke? 

: If I'm roar or chuff, do you still want to adopt me? 
@ Kalau lah aku meng'Auwm atau meng'Embek, korang masih nak membela aku tak?

: I'm not slow, it just my shell not that light! 
@ Aku bukan perlahan, tapi cengkerang aku bukan ringan!

If you feel that they did not give a good reason for you to start appreciate things, I suggest you watch this :)

Let's Make the Best Out of Our Lives and stop complaining about things that we don't have~~ d[^_^]b

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