Thursday, April 7, 2011

...Monster keychain SALE...

Nowadays, I have to read too much of journal till i don't really remember what i had read actually because I'm too busy doing something else while reading..ehehe.. kantoi

So, what did I actually do?? (hint: look at the title)

Yay! you are right.. I actually sew a monster while reading.. Dahsyat kan. Sangat tak fokus! Kids, don't try this at home..Please study hard, play hard and work hard! Don't juggle everything at one time like what i did ^^

Ok, zooming back to what I did is that, I actually had used 1hour to pretend read 1journal on the lappy while my hand busy sewing 1monster keychain. ( 1hour = 1journal = 1monster)
But what if I have to read more than 30+ journal?? the outcome would be.... wow! beribu-ribu lemon..

 Ramai nyer....   

I think I need to do something to prevent this incredible  breeding.

 In that case, here I would like to sell them at a very reasonable price .. Ready?

Normally, I sell them at RM5 each... but for this month (on April 2011 only) I will be selling them for 
Rm10 only for 3 pieces!

If you want to compare the material cost + effort tailoring it, I think is very worth the price. Trust me ;)
But if you have no idea where to use & put them, let me give you some idea..

 Firstly, you may used them to protect your house key

 or you could used them to protect your data traveler from virus

or maybe make them protect your coin bag

or just  let them help you answer the phone ^^

However, if you already have too much of keychain right now, I may suggest to you to giveaway this monster to someone who may lack of cute stuff.... I'm sure your friend will love u more  ^_^

So don't waste anymore time, just let me know if u want to buy them as this offer valid for this month (April 2011) only.

Please email me your full name, address and contact number at for reservation

Don't miss this Monster keychain sale everyone d[^_^]b

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Tuan Auz said...

Saya dah pergi Pipit Zakka Store hari tu. Best sangatttt semua cantik2. camne nk buat patung2 ni kecik ni? bleh ajar? so cute =D

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