Tuesday, April 12, 2011

...'Yono' the laptop sleeve...

 As you know, when I'm bored with my homework, I will start cutting things.. and yesterday, I cut 'Yono'... eh salah, I cut fabric to look like 'Yono' the monster.. then I implement it to something better.. So, here I  introduce you...  jeng je jeng...


 A simple sleeve made out of jeans and decorated with felt (just one side) to complete your style.  This bag close with button and fully lining with cotton and span inside. Would make a perfect size to carry your lovely lappy, trust me :)

 12' length
10' tall
1' width

Price: RM 69 sahaja + RM 6 (poslaju)

To have him, please email me at terompahsurau@yahoo.com  ^_^

Happy viewing~~~ d[^_^]b


B said...

hmm ada berapa eh? kalau nak 2 boleh? hmmmm..

MisFyd said...

wow cute!!!!

toyolkiut said...

lawa la..

liyana said...

@B.. boleh.. serius nak? email me please ;)

@misFyd.. thanks babe ^^

@TK...tQ :)

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