Wednesday, April 6, 2011

..." 26 Things I Want Before I'm 27 " List...

Last year I made a list of 25 things I want.. I enjoyed it so much till I had to do it again with more enthusiasm this year.

In producing my new list, I try to make things attainable but also challenging. However, if you are a good observer, you may notice that some of the wish come from last year list as I can't simply ignore them when I know I can do it, just for good time's sake ^^

So, here is my list. I will have until my birthday on March 19th 2012 to complete it. Wish me luck!

1. Do any volunteer job.

2. Have my 1st ride on airplane to any country as long as it is over the sea, not over the river k

3. Perform umrah.

4. Reach 1000 Facebook Fans

5. Create Liyana's handmade dot com

6. Give Blood.

7. Do rock climbing.

8. Learn how to cook rendang yang sedap ^^

9. Make a painting on canvas

10. Learn how to ride motorbike.
11. Play Go-cart with my big Bro

12. Wrote an e-book that inspire others... *walaupon saya pasti akan mengambil masa yang sangat lama meng'edit' ejaan & ayat yang tunggang langgang, saya nekad untuk menulis.Yay!

13. Went for scuba at Pulau Redang.

14. Send 10 surprise gifts

15. Post a tutorial

16. Meet you, my awesome readers ^^

17. Learn how to sew my own baju kurung..*ye, saya tau jahit baju anak patung je, bukan baju manusia T_T

18. Try the World’s Tallest Indoor Tube Slide in Empire Shopping Gallery!! fuhh..seram

19. Go hiking at Broga hill

20. Read 12 books.. * 1book/month ;)

21. Giveaway an outfit to each of my niece and nephew.. *now i got 7 of them and 1 otw..fuhh..ramai

22. Create at least 1 Vlog

23. Finish a Jigsaw puzzle with 5000 pieces, then I frame them.. fuh fuhh..excited

24. Learn how to bake macaron...nyum nyum

25. Visit an artist friend

26. Have a mini studio to work in.

ye ye.. I went to Irfan Khairi talk last Saturday to be motivated again. 

Do Help & Support me everyone~~ d[^_^]b

p/s: If you also made a list for yourself, do let me know. I will share it here ;)


Aneesah said...

Woo, banyaknyeee. ^^" I have a few macaron links to help you with number 24. (I pernah try sekali je. Pastu tobat tak nak buat dah. Tapi after I found out yg sorang housemate tak sempat merasa, macam terpaksa je try again one day...)

All the best for all of them! :D

liyana said...

wahh.. thanks dear.. baru nk cari resipi kamu dh prove bukan 1 tp 4resipi.. hug hug ^^

toyolkiut said...

TK x pnh buat list2 mcm tu..
kena fikir jg ni, utk motivasikan diri sendiri, impian perlu ada, baru bergerak usaha..
TK sokong, moga tcapai sgalanya..

liyana said...

tu lah, kalau tak list kan, tak ingat azam diri.. hidup tanpa arah tuju..huhu

mari lah berazam.. aja-aja fighting

anjung kraf said...

bagusnya..rasa mcm nak buat list jg ni..suka dtg cni cari inspirasi n up motivasi...thanks anyway
go for it! brinf it on!

liyana said...

thanks anjung kraf..tak sangka pulak ada yang termotivasi sbb sy selalu tulis syok sendiri je..ehehe

anyway, mari lah membuat wishlist..then kita realisasikan nyer 1 per 1 ^^

[ a D D y h A I K A L ] said...

jom broga hill..ajak orang tempatan ni..

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