Tuesday, April 26, 2011

...The last class...

At last, after 2years (1semester for foundation coz i'm don't have business degree + 3 normal semester) of struggle, yesterday was our last class. horay! *rasa macam nak lompat bintang tanpa henti je sekarang ni ^^

Now, all we need to do is finish up our thesis write up and do the presentation on this 5th may.. ohh, berdebar. I hope everything will goes just fine and I can graduate with flying colours.. I just can't wait to serve my nation.. cewahh ^^

so, here are some picture on our last class celebration..

Lunch at Ar-rawsha, Icity Shah Alam.

Their arabic food was awesome. you should try!

The Girls + Our Lunch Sponsor

The Boys + Dr. Gary

The classmate.. *ye, saya akui, saya kelihatan jipang dalam gambar nih..tapi sesungguhnyer , saya tidak begitu. ahaks

So, to those who wish to pursue an MBA, I highly recommended UiTM as a place to study. Their lecturer are highly qualified lecturer and the fees are very reasonable.

Next intake will be open on July if I'm not mistaken as semester will start on September. Do visit their website for more details..

Enjoy~~~ d[^_^]b

p/s: Don't forget to grab my monster keychain today! Promotion with last till this saturday only!
p/p/s: Next week after thesis presentation, I will share with you a gift that I prepare for Dr. Gary.. sangat chomel ;)



iYda Juhar said...

saye tabik kat monster key chian yang kiut :0

liyana said...

ahaha..thanks.. lain kali boleh borong byk-byk.. bagi satu kampung ^^

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