Friday, December 3, 2010

...The Grey...

Because of great feedback that I receive from all of u on the grey, I'm happily to announce that I had made more copies of him & ready to sew him again and I also deeply in love with him..hehehe..

Do grab this chance everyone ^^ 

Sold out (made base on order)

Further details:
  5' wide
10' tall 
Price: RM 25 sahaja + RM 6 (poslaju)

Please email me at for reservation or new order. Thank you

Every handmade is unique d[^_^]b

p/s: Just finish with my postage to seremban & dublin, can't wait to hear from them   :)


nazihahisa said...

heeeeeeeeeee comel!!!!

liyana said...

thanks... sudi lah adopt iyer ^^

Anonymous said...

warna turquoise ada x?

liyana said...

maaf dear. jeans warne turquoise susah nk cari..

akubiomed said...

Boleh jagi maskot blog ni. Tak pun collector's item :-) Tanniah mempunyai tangan yang berseni

liyana said...

terime kasih ^^

nora~zizi said...

uwaaaah~ yang ni comel bangaaat~

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