Saturday, December 5, 2009

...Upcoming craft class from Liyana's...

Good news everyone~~~~

(Article from Junk)
From 27 November, you can submit your used jeans to any 39 participating Levi’s® stores throughout Malaysia and in return get RM80 off your immediate in-store purchase*! All collected used jeans will be donated to charity for the underprivileged, so you'll be getting rid of your pre-loved jeans for a good cause!

More excitingly, Levi’s® Brand has teamed up with Junk and Malaysian designers Hugo Garden, Aquarius and Liyana’s to redesign Levi’s® and also other collected used jeans. These unique items will be displayed and sold at selected Levi’s® stores, with all proceeds going to the Malaysian AIDS Foundation. Donating your old jeans to charity and getting an RM80 discount on your future Levi’s® purchase; can it get any better than that?

For more information, check out
*Applicable for a minimum purchase of RM280 in a single receipt.
*Other terms and conditions apply. Drop by your nearest Levi’s® Stores and make a difference now.

So, please note your calender for my craft class everyone! :)
I'll be sharing my ideas on making craft from jeans at:

date: 5 dec 2009 (saturday)
time: 3 - 6 p.m
venue: levi's flagship @Gardens

date: 6 dec 2009 (sunday)
time: 3 - 6 p.m
venue: levi's store, sunway piramid

Come! COme! COME people!
this class was to good to be absent :D
PLEASE do come early as sit and material are limited!

Enjoy~~~ d[^_^]b


Fatt.Nazz said...

sgt bestnye yana...
dpt berkolaborasi (wah,ayat~~) dgn levi's...
so jeles lorrr!~~
neway...congrats n gud luck yaaa~~

Anonymous said...

aku ade wat by theme/ sets...ctch; set dlm kete, set dapur, set ruang tamu, set ke sekolah etc

aida said...

aik nape name ku tk kuar?..ida-ur sis

liyana said...

@fatt.. thanks a lot babe.. kamu pon hebat juge.. tempahan tak henti-henti :)

@ida... hurm.. idea yg baik juge nih.. nanti kiter branstorming lg.. kali ni, pasti bwk buku lukisan..xyah koyak buku 555 lg..ahaha

SekociNorlie said...

cayalah meme best!!!

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