Tuesday, December 8, 2009

...around Junk + Levi's craft class...

wow.. what a relief.. at last, my craft class finish..

next week, there will be other artist sharing their ideas on how u can full use ur old denim and made a new gorgeous goodies.. come everyone, lets make new stuff on the next class.. Join me this weekend to support recycle k. i'm sure that the next artist will teach something that is more interesting than i had done :)

k, enough words.. let check out what i'd done last week...

the entrance..
stunning Christmas tree huh.. feel like kidnapping them actually ;)

just step into the boutique, u'll see my class operate at the middle..

as a new comer in this art industry, i'm totally trill with this signboard..
thank you Junk + Levi's for giving me this incredible opportunity. yay!

along the sesion, i try my best to share my idea with as many people as i can..
& I feel great!


then.. sew..sew..sew...ihihi

after all the hardwork,
i beat all of them will highly appreciate handmade item after this..ehehe

lastly, horray!!!... all DIY item such as my chubby owl hp sleeve,
wild flower hairbands & denim journal turn out great!
to all my supporting student, thanks a lot for ur time & effort..
u made my day~~ d[^_^]b

p/s: to Joushua, Thanks for the great picture..
u are a great photographer. thumbs up :)
more picture here!


adaNiff said...

ruginya tak dtg... admire ur works.. :)

liyana said...

nevermind dear.. lain kali kalau sy ade buat klas lg dtg ye :) tp next week levis ade buat klas jugak, artis lain lah ajar. pergi ye

cik syahira said...

thumbs up beb!

Joshua Chay said...

It was nice meeting you Liyana =) Keep the beautiful crafts coming!

She is a Bubble Machine said...

Liyana im so proud of u. next time if ada lagi session with u ajak i k. i teringin nak join

DShopaholic said...

bila lagi next class.. nak join lah

瓶子 said...

hai!you really did a great job,will you join the PLUS 5 event this thursday?

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