Wednesday, March 25, 2009

...KL design week...

Friends, Don't forget to look out for our secret tent in this year's KL Design Week! You'll find yourself engaged in not only some shopping but also other exciting activities that'll bring out the art in you even more!

The details are as follows:

Date: 28th March-4th April 2009

Time 11:00am - 10:00pm

Venue: Capsquare, KL

Entrance: Free

Go ahead and check out the website for more information!

And when you're there, be sure to drop by Liyana's Handmade tent at the KLDW and check out our awesome new collection!

See you there!




yana nanti i balik msia, i nak join u pergi this kind of event k.i email u td pasal brooch tu.

HYKAL said...

yaNA naK peMbaNTu penJuaL x??

liyana said...

@arni.. bile mahu pulang? moh la join nanti. glad to have u at my booth ;)

@hykal.. nk membantu paham2 je kecil2 shj..jd sudi ke work for free?..isi masa lapang.. ihihi

orangorang said...

hi...salam ziarah..
luv to read on ur blog
suke jugak brg2 yg yana buat. so sweet

liyana said...

oo..thanks sweet of u..jemput lah ke secret tent kami..leh tgk dgn lebih dkat.after this event akan pulang betapa di umah @ kelantan..ihihi

@t00neY r00neY® said...

cant believe dat wearing tudung oso ken bergaya sakan


liyana said...

reply believe it or not..just believe it..hihi

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