Monday, March 23, 2009

...A week as bibik...

Hoho..what an entry.. anyway, that is how I spend my last holiday..bukan semua org dpt opportunity jd bibik kan.. Jadi tolong lah jeles...ihihi

And this bibik had celebrate her bufday awesomely with all my nieces..why?? coz, they are cute kids...although they had been remind about the date thousand time, they still can't relate the date that I told with the exact day.. As for that, they called the pizza and sang me the bufday song 1 day earlier..haha.. anyway, Thanks cayang..

Oleh kerana sudah silap ari, maka on the exact day we don't know what to do beside than taking pic..huhu.. Enjoy everyone~~

Aby: "cik Na, osan.. Lets take a walk.."
cik Na:"JOM!"

Yea!..First, I've to iron my blouse...

Then, tepon abahku pulang dr kota..abahku beli'n kereta..ihihi

n at last! A day out..wii~

Aby, possing sket..

Aby, look at the sky.. butterfly..

we the bling-bling siblings ;)

which is nicer..sunset or sunrise?

Lastly, from Tanjong Dawai.. bubye

p/s: hurm.. I think I should teach them how to read calender after this, so that I will get bigger pizza next year d[^_^]b


HYKAL said...

weH ko daH geMok..

jaDIk biBik trUS geMok..


Max J. Potter said...

nice pistures, mate. and really cute kids. i like the first picture a lot. =)

Max J. Potter said...

pictures, i mean.

liyana said...

@hykal..wahh..sehabis daya dah aku cover pipi aku yg kantoi gak ye..huhu

@max j. potter.. Hi. thanks stopping by. this kids surely photogediks right..will be my next top model..ihihi

Kujie said...

tanjung dawai..owh..nostalgia sungguh.

masa kak jie sekolah kat khir johari sg.petani selalu ikut kawan blk tanjung dawai.

lepak pantai merdeka!

apisz said...

nice shoot... =) cantek..suke..

liyana said...

@kujie.. kalu akak nk lepak sane lg miz kal sy ye..ahaks

@apisz..kamera cikai xkire, nk possing gak..ahaha

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