Monday, December 15, 2008

...New bawal scarf with swarovski crystal for sale...

Dear readers ♥ !

Although cik liyana in dilemma these days, but then business must carry on in what ever condition... coz this is my passion, doing sales specially for my handmade..hihi..

Here is my new upgrading scarf made by voil materials (bawal) with simple decoration of Swarovski crystal on it. If before this I just used diamond to decorate the scarf, for the new creation, I used exclusive crystal that usually been used in jewelry and watch. Seriously the scarf are superb.. (let the pic do their job =D)

For this signature creation, there are limited colours..and only one pieces per colour..if you have any request, problems or question, fill free to convo me at

I am doing this sale formally at my Etsy be professional and avoiding any spam. For new shoppers, please read my shop policies first before purchasing for the sake of your understanding =)

The colours of scarf maybe not accurate coz of the flash..As for that, I'm include the code of colours and please refer to this page to view the exact colour.

B1 -- Lawngreen
B2 -- YellowGreen
B3 -- Gold
B4 -- Goldrod
B5 -- Mintcream
B6 -- Orange
B7 -- White 
B8 -- Pink
B9 -- Lavenderblush (pink cair) 
B11-- Maroon
B12-- Orchid purple
B13-- Turquoise1
B14-- Lightblue 

every pieces are approximate to RM50 and the delivery are rm4 by pos express within entire m'sia..

This black scarf has been sold to my best friend Dsha

Lastly, thanks a lot guys coz spending your times viewing my new creation.. d[^_^]b

p/s: sila maaf kan gmbr ku yg xberkualiti..compact camera ku telah mengalami kerosakan yg melampaui batasan =(


kay said...

salam..wah,berniaga lak sekarang..baguzzzz..boleh aku join venture?

liyana said...

haha..kecik2 br..segan lak nk offer share utk patner..tgu lah ade name nanti..hihi..will let u know if I want to make my shop bigger =D

jamz said...

hmm, ramai nak join venture ni.

bidang besar ada?

kay said...

aku bab support2 member ni suka sangat..boleh tolong,kita tak?

liyana said...

bidang besar bleh kalu nk..sbb mgu depan nk beli kain baru.. nanti email warne n saiz ye.

thanx 4 all of your support guys..hihi..proud to have friends mcm kalian..ahaks

ARC said...

wau perniagaan kt sini..bagus2 sgt kreatif

liyana said... comers..thanx a lot ARC.. come again d[^_^]b

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