Friday, December 19, 2008

...My sweetie handbag for sale...

I have this handbag for a while..but then, very cute to be release...However, this is what we call business.. we only sale the best.. yang mane burok pakai sendiri..huhu

So, hope you would like it..Also available in my Etsy shop. Don't forget to check it out..

Save by Jamzuri

It was fully made by denim and closed with button. More, I have cover this simple button with limited-edition button-fly button covers original by Levis to make it more special. As to know more about the button cover, refer to this page

This cute handbag only cost you $16.90 usd, approximate to RM60 plus RM7 for delivery with Pos laju malaysia.. Hope you would like it d[^_^]b

p/s: credit to kak aisyah

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