Friday, December 31, 2010

...Little Monster...

 Happy 1st Anniversary to The Liyana's Family enterprise...and Happy 2nd anniversary to Liyana's Handmade..Yay!  2010 is a great year to be remember & I hope 2011 will bring more joy & prosperity to us

To end this year, I want to let go my monsters doll for RM59 each (excluding postage) to accompany you in next few years.Only 1 piece available for every design. Each handmade will be unique. Do grab them k  ^_^

 Firstly, let me start with Mr. Meow who paranoid with hugging..ahaha. Poor him  ;P

next is Miss Worm who always try to smile tak kira hujan ribut *macam musim tengkujuh sekarang ;)

 As for this one, she is Miss Fishy because she always feel fishy itchy..ihihi *suke ati aku je letak nama ;)

 Mean while, for him...He is Mr. Unsymmetrical as u can see all of his physical wasn't symmetry at all, start from ears, eyes, teeth & abdomen ;)

 next, he is Mr. Smart..I don't know why I name him that way but I just did it :)

 He is Mr. OMG  who had his first hawaiian outfit. Nice huh? 

 Last but not least, Mr. Kelawar. your new hero  >_<

 Further details:

 10' wide
12' tall

Price: RM 59 sahaja + RM 6 (poslaju)

please email me at for reservation

Happy New Year peeps~~  d[^_^]b



fatian athiea said...

epy new year:)

liyana said...

hepi new year to u too dear ;)

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