Sunday, July 31, 2011

...Featured in In-Trend Tv2...

Thanks to Kak Liza and her team, 5 of them, Liyana's Handmade was featured in In-Trend yesterday (30.07.11) at 3.30pm on TV2.  

I was very glad to be called in for a recorded interview with the team. Thank you so much RTM! It was nice to work with a superb supportive and enjoyable team.  I had a great time! Another experience to treasure. Yay!

For that 5minutes segment, we actually had 3hours shoot. Phew~~~
Gigih saya demo menjahit & bercakap dengan sopan-santun di depan kamera. 
Kawalan perasaan memang ditahap maksimum  T_T

 terasa sopan giler menjahit sambil bersimpuh. ahaks  >_<

 sila abaikan prop yang bersepah di belakang saya. standart la, umah sewa ;)
More pictures in In-Trend facebook page on EP: Go Green. click here

 Till then, Thanks RTM~~~ d[^_^]b


Aneesah said...

Waaaahh, congrats! :)) Ade recording tak? I wanna watch. ^_^

syaqirin said...

congratz yana! up lagi 1 level =)

liyana said...

@aneesah.. tak record. xcukup kaye T_T

@syaqirin.. thanks dear.. once in a lifetime experience ;)

liza said...

tahniah cik terompah..keep it up..saya kagum..=)

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