Friday, March 11, 2011

...My 1st event in 2011...

Salam & Hi people... How do you do? I'm fine, and i hope same with you  :)

Sorry for my lack update. superb busy with thesis right now (huh, alasan..padahal pemalas. Tok sah berdalih lah liyana  T_T) .. Anyhow, I manage to squeeze my time for something good on this upcoming weekend.. horay!!

Seriously, I totally trill in participating this upcoming event as it not about making profit duniawi only!  but also about doing good things to others too and raise fund for needy hard core poor students & KL Lions Renal Centre Building Fund. Sound nice right.. So, for those who have no plan on this Sunday, please join us and make this happen! (if ada yang nak gi MATTA fair, sila pergi hari sabtu sebab ahad pergi event kami pulak ye :)

Details of this Charity Art & Craft Carnival 2011 is as follows:
Project: Fund Raising Art & Craft Carnival 2011
Venue: National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
Date : 13 March 2011 (sunday)
Time: -5pm

1 comment:

shieda85 said...

hye liyana,
excited nya baca post u.
kalau dekat da lama i join..
have fun ok...and amik gmbr byk2 k :)

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