Tuesday, March 22, 2011

...B'day blast...

On last Saturday I wake up, reply all the wishes in facebook/twitter/sms, walk to school, sing Happy Birthday with friends and Dr. Pau during class, eat cookies, went to my sister's place, giggle with twins and eat dinner with them. (mereka dah boleh makan bubur sekarang. Yay :)

Next day, I went to Tasik Botani in shocking red scarf, meet the PAC members (Persatuan Auntie Chantek), get chatty and lethargic, blow the balloons, sing Happy Birthday, eat superb delicious chocolate cake, ask their husband to take our pictures, stay till the park close, Tapau all the food back with more chit chat till we been forced to leave ;)

Yesterday, I went to class like normal, Elly surprise me with lovely coffee cake, sing Happy Birthday with more classmates & Dr. Garry  ;)

What else could I ask for on my 26th birthday?   ♥_

celebrating my bday with twin was supeb fun.. a packet of balloon burst because of them  ^_^

As you can see, they made each minute interesting 

their smile was the best bday present ever  ^_^

Now, time to celebrate with all PAC.. (my secondary schoolmate ;)


While others celebrating their son/daughter Birthday, we celebrate ours  ^_~

If you notice, we actually had cut the cake before we blow the candles... 
hurm, please excuse this old folks T_T

our homemade cake.. (please don't judge the taste by its look ;)

The best bday picnic ever . Thanks a lot babe ^_^

Last but least, my coffee cake sponsored by Elly..
Yes,I know.. there were something fishy on my cake. YUNA?? apekah...ahaha
Actually there were 2 Liyana in the class, so they decide to call me yuna to differentiate us. Relevant excuse?

Thanks classmates + lecture, your live coir was too cute too be forgotten

p/s: Tomorrow i will announce the giveaway winner k..
p/p/s: I have 3 more years before i enter the 3series club..hurm... dear time, please move slowly after this T_T


toyolkiut said...

hepi birthday..
it'is so late?

Miss Dill said...


kek cokelat!

ilyia nur ab rahman said...

best!!!mmg terbaik!!!

liyana said...

@TK.. thanks for the wish.. plus majlis mmg sgt meriah sbb yg dtg sume kawan baik..suke suke :)

@miss dill.. homemade kek mmg terbaek sbb air tgn sndr.. perasaan nyer berbaloi-baloi..ihihi

@ilya... thanks sbb bersusah payah dtg.. ko mmg terbaek babe. muahh ;)

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