Friday, February 18, 2011

...Managing my ka-ching...

Salam & Hi to all my readers.. Apa khabar? I'm so sorry for my long silent as for the time being I'm busy with school & all tahlil activities.  However, after 3weeks without update, I feel like loosing u..Rasa dull je hidup. cewah.. As for that, today I had force myself to write something useful for you. So please read until the end. (Penat nih menaip hingga homework pon di anak tiri kan ;)

First of all, in my opinion having a business is easy but to maintain them are far from easy. Agree?

One of the key element that every businessman have to take care is the accounting part. No matter how small ur business was, managing your money is the most critical part to indicate whether ur business are making money or losing money. Every cent is counted.

Cash fuel drives you in business just as jet fuel keeps a plane aloft. A pilot is very careful to accurately predict the fuel requirements. You should place the same importance on cash flow control because if, at any point in the future, you run out of fuel, like the pilot, you've got a BIG problem.

Cash flow control is a simple method of projecting your future needs for cash. However, in handling these cash, discipline is highly needed to keep business on track & save money for the sake of company's future growth. Not our personal growth je ye... Each money that come in & out must be carefully noted in your account. Kalau duit asyik out je, parah tu...

So, here I provide u a simple example of account that may help you. (click here for original source)

Base on the picture above, for example in January. It stated that your starting cash in hand is RM1000, plus your sales (IN)  is RM1000. To this you add IN items and subtract the OUT items, which results in the cash at end of the month (RM1000+1000-800 = RM1200). The cash at the end of month becomes the starting cash for the next month. 

At the end of the day, these great tool would help you predict your future needs for cash before the needs arise.Best kan?

Good Luck~~~ d[^_^]b

p/s: Here are my personal jugment on my account:
  • If I sees that my cash balance is positive = Good business
  • If I sees that my cash balance is 0 = Just continue my business & work harder
  • If I sees that my cash balance is negative = I'll feel that close or change my core business is better before disaster happen ;)


~Ainnur~ said...

great info!
usaha tangga kejayaan,he..

liyana said...

thanks ainnur.. hug hug ;)

suzie kuteri said...

if small negative,it can be growth as positive.improve on sales, reduced the fix cost to backup the loss. loss is not ending story...proper marketing is the best medicine to make more profit.good luck Yana....

liyana said...

wahh..akauntan dah berbunyi.. suke-suke..ehehe

nway, thanks for the positive support. i luv u suzie ;)

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