Friday, December 24, 2010

...Monster Montel's 1st snow fight...

The duration was two weeks and finally, they had arrived safely.. syukur.. (sambil meraut wajah yang mulus..ahaha) but choop, usually it only takes about a week to arrive..or maybe because of bad weather?? ohh, never mind lorr, at least they arrive kan kan..

So, if there were any of you who want to make my goodies as a gift to over the river/sea, just email me.. I'm glad to help you  ^_^

Here are pictures on my Montel monster in Dublin..enjoy   ;)

Beside of this 5 monster, I also send them a laptop sleeve, hand-phone sleeve & pouch.. Oleh kerana monster ini selalu terlebih mesra camera berbanding objek lain, so I dedicate this entry for them ;)

Monster day out 

 Kecik-kecik dah ade snowman sendiri..haish  (baca dengan nada cemburu)

 Lari tak tengok bawah, kan dah jatuh.. 
( emosi ku memang super jeles tatkala ini...nak main snow gak T_T )

Ais tu dibuat daripada air, bukan batu.. kan dah basah, kene jemur >_<

 n introducing their new owner.. cute boy kan.. boleh buat menantu di masa depan nih..kihkihkih

 Thanks a lot  to Sya for the cute pictures.. I was honor to work with u dear :)
Merry Christmas to all who celebrate ~~~ d[^_^]b

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