Saturday, October 16, 2010

...Meet new girls in town...

After long silent.. Hi terompah's readers.. How do you do? How's your last raya? Great?? How much u have gain in term of kilo ye?? n How did you spend ur 10.10.10? Did u watch our astronomy's wedding?? Cemburu tak?? Hehe.. kepoh kan..

Life quiet hectic lately but i don't think u want to read my whining & me bragging unimportant things right now.. So,let me share with u my happiness.. new family members.. new born niece  ^_^ 


the twin...siti aisyah + siti balqis

with their happy Tok Ayoh ;)

Getting a burp out of my little thing is probably the greatest satisfaction I’ve come across. It’s truly one of life’s most satisfying moments. I hope they can grow faster as I can't wait to guide my little girl’s footsteps in life ­and together we will discover wonderful new things along the way.. Yay!!

I wish that they could watch this video as soon as they know how to spell..hehe


Enjoy~~~ d[^_^]b


Liza said...

congrats! you must be a proud aunt!

liyana said...

sgt proud.. hehe. thanks kak

~Ainnur~ said...

kamu ble plak?
ayoh kamu tu xsabar nak cucu dr liyana,hihi..

liyana said...

ainnur.... where have u been??? dh kawen kah?

~Ainnur~ said...

uii,kejam soklan tu..
lame sgt ke aku ilang??
cbuk la yana..uhuhu..
aku slalu bc blog kamu..nak kawen nnt,update tau,hihi

liyana said...

ohh..sibuk mcm mane pon, kamu tunang or kawen, u must let me know ok!! hehe

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