Monday, June 21, 2010

...the pockets...

been a while after last production.. & i'm trill to introduce you my new creation which i think so cool.. sempoi abis..ahaha

anyway, if you interested in having him. please email me at  a.s.a.p  as 1unit only available. so without much words, let me introduce you my new darling which i call The Pockets!!! wahh..A must have item  ;)




 15 1/2' wide
16 1/2' tall
23' handle strap
Price: RM 68 sahaja + RM 6 (poslaju)  SOLD

please email me at for reservation 

happy viewing d[^_^]b


kHaiRuLdiN said...

wahh lawa2.. he2

Arni Yusnita Ahmad said...

nice creation babe. bila balik shah alam? roger tau nanti. i di jengka lagi ni esok baru balik.

Joyce C. said...

Hey, babe! Haven't been visiting much. My gosh... now I know how college life is like. DX

Good to see that you're still sewing! Woot! Love the pocket idea~ :D

Cik Faz said...

comelnyer poket2 :)

liyana said...

@khairuldin.. thanks ^_^

@arnie.. 4t july baru blek shah alam..huhu

@joyce..thanks for ur great support babe.. i masih gigih mencantum kain perca..ehehe

@cik faz..thanks..beli lah.. unique creation for unique people ;)

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