Thursday, November 12, 2009

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Cute and creative homemade handiwork


SOME 20 local independent designers gathered last weekend to celebrate the third anniversary of Pipit bazaar by showcasing their homemade designs and craft.

The one-day event held at the Annexe Gallery in Central Market, Kuala Lumpur had stalls selling paintings, drawings, T-shirts, bags, cards and other accessories like brooches, key rings and ornaments.

Students Noor Syakira Shah Beran and Nor Liyana Muhd Abu Kari sold clutches, pencil cases, bags, cushion covers and boxes which were all made using denim material.

Nor Liyana said she and Noor Syakira started making their denim as a hobby before opening a stall they named “Liyana’s Handmade”.

Creative: Nor Liyana with some of the pencil cases, clutches and bags she makes using leftover denim material.

“It is not easy but we needed money while studying and this led us to open a stall at markets such as the one organised by Pipit,” said Nor Liyana, a business administration student in Shah Alam.

The 24-year-old collects left-over denim material from shops providing alteration services and makes items out of it.

She said the smaller purses were much easier to make and takes only a day to complete compared to cushion covers and large bags with complicated designs.

Celine Hong, who owns the Chiwawa Family stall, said it was her first time participating in the event after operating her business on her site on Facebook.

“Having a stall at a bazaar like this is different as we finally get to meet our customers,” said Hong, 28, whose stuffed toys are made out of stockings of different colours.

Unique: Stuffed toys made out of socks can be found at the Chiwawa Family stall.

Hong. who works as a full-time administrative clerk, said she had learnt how to make the soft toys from the Internet and had wanted to buy it but could not.

“I liked it so much but the sites that sold it only catered to those living in Taiwan so I decided to make them myself,” said Hong who did so by reading books on the art.

Other stalls at the event were Evangelione, Miss Ireen, Pocoleizi, Lazybonehandmade, Aquarius, Filifele Workshop, Joan Beads House, Beadlovely, Samenduck, BeaniPet and Luvining, D.U.R.A, Wonderkitten, Trace’s Handicraft, Owl and Magicaltreehouse, Kella Studio, Whooblebublyland, Clovis, Big Mouth Women, Blue Box DIY, Wootsroom and Tokyo’s Mari Brand.

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