Sunday, November 8, 2009

...Around my 1st art class...

Welcome to the class everyone :D

n not to forget your new hyperactive teacher.. Cik Terompah in da house!

as this is an art class.. so, first of all, u have to draw..
(arahan cik terompah: Sape plg lmbt melukis dia menang ye!
ahaha..arahan syko utk melambatkan diorg dr mintak byk plastik baru)
This purple kids are from S.K. Presint 8..
(ade x anak anda dlm ni?? angkat tgn..)

the best part is, all ages can take part in my class..

n I'm pleasure to have them here... cute!

after all the drawing part finish, the magical begins...
all of the drawing will be bake in the oven and after few minutes..

puff.. your drawing are ready to take home
(amaran keras dr kerajaan:
sila jgn cube pada sebarang material di rumah ye..
takot ade yg terbakar umah nanti..mintak dijauhkan)

For serviniour to take home, I made them as a keychain.. lovely huh :D

to all my great assistant, syahira, kak dila, yana mazta n ora..
Thanks a lot for your help babe

Sambil2 mengajar, sempat juge cik terompah mencuri tulang..ehehe
(jgn bg tau org kampong ye)
i went to watercolor class next to booth..
n my 1st attempt doing watercolor picture just took me 4 hours..pheww
(tobat aku respect ngan org yg sabar dlm art ni)
To pak sani: thanks for being patient with me that have no talent at all.. huhu
(balek ni terus kene rembam tgn lame2 kasi lembut melukis. haisyoo)

last but not least, if i have more picture, i will upload later k

Enjoy~~~ d[^_^]b


muhsync said... laa pe cik terompah wat. mana dapat material yg lukis and baked dlm oven tu..nak join gak...!!

dijadeja said...

walopon 1st time tp da nampak cantik..well done

liyana said...

@muhsync.. haa..lain kali kalau ade memo event sy kat sini.. jgn lupe join k

@dijadeja... ahaks.. thanks babe

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