Monday, August 10, 2009

How to bid?

Good news! Goood news... Seriously, very good news people..My favorite items on sale now! wii..

As they are special pieces, (musim square2 ok) I would like to make it different this time. n I have decided to sell my babe with bidding style. You just gave your price on the comment column. at the end of the week, best price win :)

Please have a look! Only serious bidders. For those who have no blog, you also have to leave a comment with your email address. Canclelation & changing mind afterward is not allow. All payment will be done bank transfer to my Maybank/Cimb account.

West Malaysia: RM5

East malaysia: RM8

If you are from outside Malaysia, please email me at before you bid for an item because shipping could be very expensive :)


All bidding ends Monday , 31th August, 2009, 12PM.

(ujung bulan, org feel nk shopping.ihiks)

Please state your bid in the comment column okay, thank you d[^_^]b

p/s: di ruang komen tu just letakkan harga yg kamu mahu bida je ye.. TQ

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