Monday, July 6, 2009

Your jewelry box will never be the same again!

Are you searching for something special out of ordinary?
If YES, I hope this new creation meet your rockstar standard..hehe
Please make full use of this boxes to keep your jewelry, stationary & personal props in one stunning denim boxes.

Box 1: Meteor Explosion Box (special edition)
Measurement: 14' (length) x 7'(width) x 3'(height)
Material: Jeans and paper. Closed with button & velcro
RM 85 (only one piece available)

Box 2: Love Rock Box
Measurement: 8' (diameter) x 4' (height)
Material: Jeans and Paper
RM 80 (only one piece available)

Postage will be on customer.

Happy shopping everyone~~~ d[^_^]b

p/s: This is not one day job. Patient highly needed here. credit to kak aisyah

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