Thursday, July 2, 2009 100th entry...

I may sound pathetic (like always) on my 100th post..just can't help it..hihi
This is all because of my 'Jakun'ness seeing my blog hits rise awesomely (teacher jgn mrh ye..grammar suke-suki je nih)Align Center
If before, my blog only hits 78 unique or new readers per day. But as for yesterday..walawei~~~~

my blog had hits 1007 views and 365 new readers uuu...
(dr 1 sudut lain, korg bleh lihat betapa xglamor nyer cik terompah dulu, rendang je graf doulu-doulu..uhuk)

Then today, after I got back from office, the number is..
1217 views and 474 new readers..wahhh
New record for terompahsurau's page : 474 new readers per day

n not to forget, dear all terompah's readers out there.. Please don't miss my next giveaway as I had promise with you before. But this time, I can say that the prizes will be bigger, and maybe there will be more than 1 winner.wuuu.... lumayan eh..Oleh itu, stay tune yeh d[^_^]b


AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

iya liyana ku tumggu giveaway dari mu itu...hahah

liyana said... suke peminat bg sy g amik gmbr ahiah lawa2 dulu ye..hihi

mama zharfan said...

wow..another giveaway ker cik terompah? :) kalau dah menang ari tu, boleh join lg ker ;)
seronok tgk ur achievement (byk hits kat ur blog tu...)

liyana said...

boleh je..tuah ayam nmpk di kaki..tuah org, hang tuah pon xtahu..huhu

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