Monday, April 15, 2013

Cakk ^^,


testing testing 123...

after 15 months tinggalkan blog bersawang without a post. berpeluh nak siapkan satu entry..

taip delete. taip taip delete delete.. taip taip taip delete delete delete... at last takde ape yg ditaip. dahsyat betul! -_-"

so let me make it short and sweet sour..

start with sour part, last year twin power ranger have move from KL to SP.. so no more gegirls model for my retronyer rabu, unless ummi dia hantar a picture of them to me every rabu. n not having demoks around was a bit difficult as i'm use to them for the last 2 years. if korang rajin gali blog ni, mesti jumpe banyak gambar diorg dari tuan tanah sendiri. Miss you babies T_T

meanwhile for the sweet part is, i get my own male model last year.. which I name him Muhammad Ali Imran. a.k.a my next patner in crime. now he is 5months. will share his picture from time to time :)

so my sweet and sour

 Enjoy~~~ d[^_^]b


Amiha Ayu said...

alhamdulillah.. congrats on your new born liyana.. :)

nor liyana said...

thanks kak ayu, nanti akak ade anak ajak anak saya camroaming ye ;)

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