Tuesday, May 24, 2011

...The Purplest Owl...

Hi readers,

I think it had been a while since my last owl doll post.. ohh, let me count.. I may had stop their active production since a month ago? 3 months ago?? 6 months ago?? or maybe 1year ago!! ouch..liyana pemalas!

As for that, I think I should made a come back for them.. ohh, not them, but her.. (pelan-pelan kayuh..buat sekor dulu. pastu baru sedozen)

For purple lover, I hope you like it ^^

The Purplest Owl

Further detail:
Material: Denim, Printed corduroy, felt, fiber span & button
Saiz: 12' x 12'
Price: RM 59 each + RM6 (poslaju)

Just email me at terompahsurau@yahoo.com for any reservation


Dya said...

OMG, you are killing me with the PURPLE! T____T Would it be okay for me to reserve it first and pay sometime later. I assured you that I WANT, WANT, WANT this, I just don't have enough money YET. Don't worry I'm not gonna back out on you, I just...need some time to find money. Pls, pls, pls beautiful Liyana!! T____T

Thanks in advance.

p/s : I'll buy it. I'm not kidding.

Pesta Jiwa said...

ingatkan Deep Purple..smoke on the water...

Pesona Algebra said...

via Wanita Hari Ini :)
saya Follow

aniss said...

tgok wanita hari ini td..tu yg try bkak blog ni..hehe

liyana said...

@dya.. sy dh balas email kamu lama sudah.. sila balas kalau masih mahu ye :)

@abg pije.. I mmg jiwa rock der, tp ini kan blog craf, kene la ayu sket..ehehe

@pesona algebra.. thanks dear :)

@aniss.. thanks.. korang adelah sgt efficient ^^

amy amira said...

comeinya :)

Noor Azlinda said...

Boleh oder lgi???

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