Friday, January 14, 2011

...Stalk, Steal & Run...

wahh.. 2weeks without blogging was not a good feeling. I miss rambling, and I miss my ramble readers. You are too sweet to be ignore. sweet like chocolate ♫♪♫♪

Upon returning to school after long semester break, half of my brain had paralyze because of School Shock (orang culture shock. tapi ku pepandai je edit..ahaha)

For now, I can't think straight.  I thought off weird things such as idea to be a good businessman. Sometime I think we need to act like a THIEF..It may sound ridiculous idea but if you could analyze it deeper, it maybe practical for you who knows how to apply the idea in a right way.

Don't get me wrong, I have my own opinion.

First of all, why thief? excluding the amateur. For me, professional thief like in the Italian Job movie actually a clever/genius people, but they apply it in a wrong way.. However, if we look closely on their robbing process, we can see how brilliant they are in arranging their tactics & strategy to succeed.

The key strategy that I can see from them is that they STALK their opponent first...... Same with us as businessman, we also have to stalk our opponent first. Follow every step that they take. Collect every detail about our opponent on what, when, where, how they do & why they act that way. Analyze the situation and outcome. Do their act match with environment? Do they succeed? Every details and information are important.

Then they STEAL...... Back to the information that we have stalk, we can steal their knowledge and learn. Later, we could create our own formula to success. Remember, search for your own style! You must create Uniqueness in your formula of success to help people remember you easily. Don't simply copy other people formula and make it yours. That is plagiarism. It is superb not clever!

Next, they gather their strength, they RUN...... Run as far & fast as you could. Run with full of passion & desire to grab success. Hold your formula tight. Don't lose them before your robbing pay off.  Ignore all of the siren & noise. Stay focus on your running track because only you could see the glory. Sooner or later, it will be yours.

Lastly, the best character that a thief has is COURAGE......... They actually brave enough to try their formula and take the risk. They walk the talk. That is why they are different than others who only could produce ideas but too afraid to implement it.

Kalau kita ambil risiko dan lakukan sesuatu yang baru, sekurang-kurangnya 50-50 boleh berjaya atau gagal di situ. Kalau kita tak mahu ambil risiko dan tak mencuba langsung sesuatu baru, ertinya kita sudah gagal 100% dalam perkara tersebut. Ianya merupakan satu risiko untuk TIDAK mengambil sebarang risiko.    -Irfan Khairi-

If you agree with me, please stalk, steal and run for good things. Don't abuse it. You don't want to rest in jail for whole life don't you?!  So, be ethical. I hope we would succeed in our study/work/business/life in the future.

Pray hard  & Have Faith!  d[^_^]b

p/s: pssst.. I won something for Levis DIY Tee competition. click here for result ..Yay!!
p/p/s: I'll redecorate my room into mini stor studio. moga-moga berjaya
p/p/p/s: Next monday, I'll be selling my self pick fabric specially for you.. do stay tune ;)  



ween said...

very inspiring! i adore ur talent, sis. congrats for winning the levi contest :)

Mknace said...

:) :) :)

singgah pagi dari mknace unlimited

wawan said...


liyana said...

@ween.. thanks laling.. xo

@Mknace...walaupon sedar ayat berterabur. thanks sbb membaca

@wawan... horay, thanks babe ;)

yan nyer said...

nice write! hehe..
congrats beb! aku mmg sgt adore dgn kekreativan ko!. hahaha.. +D

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