Friday, October 22, 2010

...The Guardian...

 U had too many secret admire around ur house or at school? n u are bored with all of them?? 
i think u just need a bodyguard right now!

without much more delay, please hire him ;)

the guardian

name: The Guardian
measurement: 9" (wide) x 12" (tall) 
price: RM59 excluding postage

Enjoy~~~ d[^_^]b


Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Etsy and got my attention when I saw your cute dolls :) one question Temah the Monster doll tu you pronounce Temah as Timah hehehehe ..Im an admirer of hand made creations, i hope you dont mind me commenting :)

liyana said...

hai dear.. nice knowing u. n big thanks for dropping by my blog.. ^_^

n regarding Temah's name. it was pronounce 'Te'mah like 'Te'rung.. ehehe..ok tak explanation sy?

Timah The Kid At Heart said...

your much welcome,explanation a-ok heheehehe, keep up the creativity

(An adult but still a kid at heart)

liyana said...

thanks timah.. ^_^

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