Wednesday, June 30, 2010

...Pearl Tote...

 This time, i can't get rid my eyes on pearl.. *sume gara-gara terpengaruh ngan documentary pengasas Rafflesia.. ahaha.. I'm a typical women, suke benda cantek!

So I made this bag for women that so much in love with pearl but can't afford the real pearl yet.. saya ulang, can't afford yet! coz maybe next time we will buy one for real. ihihi.. nice wish huh?  ^_^

for now, let's get to know the pearl tote

 pearl decoration on one side only

 close up on the pearls.. *bg membuktikan kegigihan ku menjahit sebutir-sebutir..ehehe

 polka dot lining inside + a pocket


Further details:
 15 1/2' wide
16 1/2' tall
23' handle strap
Price: RM 69 sahaja + RM 6 (poslaju)  SOLD

please email me at for reservation 

Enjoy~~~ d[^_^]b

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