Tuesday, May 25, 2010

...my Kekotak pillow case...

Hello Guys ♥ !

fuhh.. I'm been working hard for this piece.. *built up spirit untuk membuat craft kembali adelah sangat mencabar setelah sibuk ngan sekolah je sebelum ni.. nak potong kain pon jenuh berzikir  T_T

anyway, akhir nyer berjaya menyiapkan sesuatu.. jadi terimalah my "kekotak' pillow case~~

"Go Green" with this eco friendly Denim Fun pillow cover made from recycled jeans. This pillow cover lined with cotton fabric and closed by zip.Design pillow are perfect for beds, couches, cars, or wherever you need a little extra padding!

They are pretty!  *puji dengan tanpa was-was..ahaha

if nak gune buat teman tonton world cup pon stylo juge  ~_^

15' wide
15' tall

Price: RM 110 sahaja (2pieces) + RM 6 (poslaju)
if you only need 1piece, i will be selling them for RM65 each

happy viewing d[^_^]b

p/s: 2 Days left for you to stand a chance to win the RM30 prepaid.. Don't miss your chance! click here to join

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