Wednesday, December 23, 2009

...KLue + 5 @fullhouse...

maybe this updates quite late as the event happened last week..ehehe..sori~~~
anyway, the event went well, the place was great, and my handmade sold in a minute..
thanks everyone for your great support. all of u are superb :D

n here are some of the pic that i took.....

in front of fullhouse cafe..

welcome notes at the entrance that made me shouting like a mad woman..
ahaha.. over excited

see see... got my name.. (yay! jump jump)

n one of 5item that i sold that night was
my rock star bag.. sold to this young lady :)

my funky apron - item2

stylish tote - item3

happy pillow case - item4 (sbnr nyer iyer sepasang, khas buat cute couple ;)

my peach sling bag - item5

along the event, i went around the cafe taking picture.
(dok dlm event setgh jam je, tp tawaf cafe amik gmbr 2 jam..huahuahua)

sila tarik telinga budak jakun ini jika anda terjumpe iyer di tepi jalan!
(sibuk melaram je, beli nyer idak. haish)

lastly, thanks junk + levi's for this tremendous opportunity,
and once again, thanks a lot to all my friends that come and bought all the goodies..
may your donation could help the needs..

P/s: too many cute things that u must see here, just drop by to see for urself.
p/s/s: just watch storm warrior.. double thumbs up.. seriously, u must watch this movie!

Enjoy~~~ d[^_^]b


ezany said...

congrats.. double thumbsup 4 u.. hehe..

liyana said...

thanks a lot ezany~~~

Anonymous said...

lawa la beg item no 3,sya nak oder beg tu leh x,,,,
ni almat email sya 0129839425
sya nak sngt beg 2

jali said...

perkataan jakun adalah untuk nama suku puak asli semenanjung, hati-hati memangil orang lain dengan perkataan jakun, wasalam

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