Tuesday, October 6, 2009

beanipet contest

Here I want to promote a contest that been held by my good craftier friend.. Jun Yue and her spectacular creation, one and only The Beanipet..wiiii

As Beanipet will becoming one years old less than 2 weeks time from now, I want to take my chance to wish Beanipet to have a bless year in the future. In the future, Beanipet maybe in each house around the globe coz they are truly cute and must have item :)

So people, don't waste your time to stand a chance winning this great pillow for free.. Just drop by her blog, and choose your cup of tea contest categories:

1st contest - Take picture wishing Beanipet happy Bday and send to her. that's it!
2nd contest - Just promote this event on FB / Blog, u also will include in the Lucky draw & win voucher!
3rd contest - Just click FOLLOW. there will be Lucky Draw also!!!

Good luck everyone d[^_^]b

p/s: chomey x banner bday yg cik terompah hasil'n tu?? cute kan..xkire, wajib puji ye sbb cik terompah telah bersusah payah bershooting di tgh panas di OU semlm demi kad ucapan ini.. nasib baik bau xmasuk dlm gmbr, kalau x, mesti gmbr diatas masyam dek peloh ku..harharhar


~0~ said...

kreatif la cik terompah

liyana said...

ihiks..tp xmenang lah cik zaidi..huhu..makne nyer xcukup kretif lg T_T

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