Thursday, April 23, 2009

...Kawaii item in the shop...

Am I so productive these days?? hehe.. what can I do..I do it for u~~ ecece

For ur information, I will be having team etsymalaysia sell this 24 april till 26 april. So, I have to start uploading more item in the shop with full of enthusiasm..hihi..

If you see anything that is cute for yourself, don't waste ur time. just click to grab them..
happy shopping d[^_^]b

My little punk pencil case

Kawaii owl button

Big eyes owl button

1 comment:

anis :)) said...

sis , nie opinion je k..kalo sis buat pun ok gak :)
umm yg little punk pencil case tu rasenye lebih cool kalo sis tambah kt tepi mcm yg sis buat utk pencil case rainbow fyka..yg name fyka tu..more nicer sis kalo ditambah yg itu :)

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