Tuesday, February 24, 2009

...Are you with me??..

hehe..just a short post to show my support for Inter Milan in their upcoming match on Champions League, which is tonight..wii.. Let's go to Milan everyone!!

I'm not a hardcore football fan, but hardcore fan of Jose Mourinho...ahaha..
You will never walk alone man! (pinjam tag line liverpool jap eh)


Ichi said...

wahwah! hapi bufday liyana!! bile tu actually??

liyana said...

bday nyer adelah tarikh tutup giveaway..ihihi..

n, cik ichi salah coloum la..comment kat atas utk join giveaway

Digital Misfit said...

Happy Beeday!

Your blog is lovely - that wee bee on the side is adorable!


liyana said...

wahh..thanks a lot heidig

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