Friday, October 24, 2008

...10 Promise To My Dog...

Today, I went for an interview that I'm very looking very hard to be 1 of the candidate..huhu... but then, as the day come, I spoil it..huhu..maybe bcoz of over excited, i became speechless..or maybe, I really don't have the answer for their question...hahaha

Not less than 10 minutes after the lousy interview, I already sit in GSC... cheer me up..... and 1 more time, I made bad wasn't just raining outside, it also raining in here...

'10 promise to my dog' is not just about a cute & bright puppy...

1. Play with me always

2. You go to school and have your friends, but remember, I only have you

3. when i am not obeying, i have my reasons for doing so

4. Please have patience with me

5. Place your trust in me. Through good and bad times, I will always be by your side.

6. Remember that I have feelings too… just like you.

7. Talk to me. I may not understand your words but I understand your voice when it speaks to me.

8. Even when I grow in age (and probably grow slow or weak), please be kind to me.

9. i can only live for 10 years, My life may not last as long as yours. Please make every second we spend together count.

10. When I’m about to leave this world, promise me you’ll be by my side. Remember all the times we shared and remember always that I love you.

is career more important than family?
do parents always have the last say to your life and future?or being too occupied with growing up shall lead to neglecting your love ones and realising it when it is all too late?

A simple and straightforward movie that touches most of us in the theater, and REMEMBER to bring along your tissue!!..

Nice movie..Must see!!! After this, I will appreciate you more, coz your effort to watch the movie..hehe.. till then lots of love from me...bubye d[^_^]b


apisz said...

hukhuk..sob..sob..yana, kamu nangis ek..haha..patot la basah baju td..haha..

selamat bercuti depavali..

B@drul said...

sejak bila u have a dog?

liyana said...

teruk sguh aku nangis smpai basah baju..haha..

cik bad, sy xpenah ade it about our relationship with animal & human.. nice

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